The photo above is one of the reasons why my husband and I love driving through rural Cambodia.
It gives us the chance to see the real Cambodia, the 85% that make up the country. Aside from the fact that it’s a refreshing change of scenery, you also never know what surprises lie ahead of you. Literally. lol.

Cute, no? I was quick enough to grab my cam and took this photo. I normally see this sort of scenes in kids cartoon channels but to see it with our own eyes on one of our road trips to Kampot province was a pleasant surprise and certainly one of the most memorable experiences we have. Who let the ducks out? lol. The last duck, in all its brown glory, looks like the bodyguards of the other white ducks.

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  1. Brown duck herds white.Lucy

  2. Love the ducks…especially the little brown one in the rear. This is a great capture and the processing of the picture is so nice.I think I would love driving around in the country, too. Genie

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