This big sign greets commuters along (north of) Monivong Boulevard reminding everyone that up to this day, land mines are still threatening the lives of many Cambodians.

To see more signs from around the world, click the logo below.

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  1. A colourful sign, but the message so prominently displayed is very disturbing!

  2. Interesting post.

  3. The sign made me feel lucky that I live in Canada.

  4. made me think of all the work Princess Diana did to try and rid the world of land mines

  5. Interesting but yet disturbing!

  6. It must be a tricky and delicate job, getting rid of these landmines. I hope the skill doesn’t die out before they are all found and disposed of.

  7. When I visited Belgium some years back, the farmers were bringing in live canister of gases which had to be taken to a special poach to be detonated. What a frightening way to have to live. And we thought WWI 0 The Great War – was going to be the war to end all ways. Sadly that has turned out to be way far from reality.LOved the shot of the little apartments stacked on top of one another. genie

  8. These kind of signs are so important and so sad. Alawys good to think about the long lasting signs of war.
    I posted some weeks ago a similar sign from Croatia.

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