Shirts cheaper than burgers. Bargain?

There are a lot of bargain sales around Phnom Penh lately.  There are hundreds of shops, if not more, selling clothes for men, women, and children all over Phnom Penh. Most are factory overruns and the rest come from Thailand, HK, and even China.

The above men’s shirts cost cost less than a fastfood budget meal. But out of these great number of shirts available, my main concern is not the price itself but getting the best quality out of these selections. If needs a good eye to spot the better ones and lots and lots of patience to go through the lot under the baking sun.

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  1. i am wary of those cheap goods..the markets here are flooded with China overruns and knockoffs.

  2. Looks like a bargain.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  3. as much as I love buying clothes, I really have no idea if in the end such an affluence is good. here with us its the same situation, hence the local producers are in stress…

  4. yes, too cheaply priced clothing is not a good option. unless you only wanted to wear it once, I guess.

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