APAD 311: The essence of kangaroo

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My husband and I were at the pharmacy near the FCC two days ago to replenish our multi-vitamins supply. He was busy looking at another brand and comparing the nutritional values while I wandered around from shelf to shelf reading funny or weird brand names of medicines and came to this shelf selling products that contain strange stuff such as propolis, sheep placenta, and so on… Do you  have these in your local shops, too?

I wonder how many kangaroos were harmed to produce this, errrm, essence?


I have never heard of an “essence of kangaroo” before. The label says it is a natural food supplement. The wheels in my head started turning since I laid my eyes on this product so I was compelled to consult MisterGoogle about this product. To my utter surprise and amusement, I found out that there are other different brands of essence of kangaroo and most are, in fact, sex products. Hmmm… wondering how many people out there are desperate to use something like this? The main ingredient or component  is cultivated from the male kangaroos testes. Oh, dear. Oh, dear. I just hope there are scientific studies that support their, errrm, health claims. *coughs*

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  1. sheep placenta and essence of kangaroo—that is not so different from our famous Soup No. 5 here. LOL have you tried it, not the essence of kangaroo, the soup no. 5, i mean? i have seen beauty products here with placenta but not curious enough to check them out, anyway, i’m not buying anything with placenta in it, sheep or not!:p

    • No, I haven’t tried soup no. 5 yet although it’s quite popular! I think I’ll have to pass on this one 😀

  2. Oh gosh, I’m not brave enough to try some of these things. I have seen cosmetics advertised with propolis in them but have not personally tried them. As well, just yesterday I read a young mother’s blog about her experience of preserving and consuming her baby’s placenta. :-p I guess it has health benefits but, again, this would not be something I would care to try.

    • Lindy, I’m with you on this one. This is something I wouldn’t try despite the health claims/benefits.

  3. There are plenty of strange things for sale here in China with claims of health benefits… but mostly they are dried things you buy in a herbal pharmacy, not in bottles. I just don’t go there. Just give me fresh foods from the market… 🙂

  4. Some challenging vitamins here! I have never heard of essence of kangaroo even in Australia! a little scarey!

  5. Essence of Kangaroo would need a bit of explaining! and that sheep placenta is rather expensive – I wonder how many testimonials come with it!

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