Right across the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh on the riverside is where the Mighty Mekong River and the Tonle Sap merge giving birth to the smaller Bassac River. Also in this location lies a floating fishing community that relies on this rich waters for their livelihood.

The sun is about to set while the fishermen are heading for “work”. I pray each day that they go out there, in the middle of the lake, safely and with enough catch to feed their families and to sell for extra income.

Since the ancient times – and up to this day – the Tonle Sap and Mekong River have enormous supply of fish and other aquatic resources. In the ancient times, they also served as naval battleground between the great Khmer empire and its enemies.

These days, tourists rent boats to cruise along the rivers. To cap the river cruise is the splendid sunset that is best viewed in this location.

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  1. Beautiful. Have a great week ahead.


  2. Thank you for your visit to my blog.

    I just love your spectacular photo. I think it is so nice that you pray for the fishermen each day.

  3. I will be watching a program on Knowledge Network this evening about the Mekong River. To be there in person – now that would be an adventure! Very beautiful photograph.

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