This advertising sign sits at the junction of Monivong and Yugoslavie Boulevards (St. 214). The sign is positioned on a very strategic location right along one of Phnom Penh’s busiest intersections.

One can’t miss this advertising sign.

Close up view of the sign.

The product being advertised is the Toilet Duck, a brand of bathroom and toilet cleaner. The message it is trying to convey is that of cleanliness and hygiene. Although I cannot read the Khmer script, it seems to me that the ad claims to kill not only germs and bacterias but also the H1N1 virus. Oooh, that is such a bold claim, don’t you think so,too? I’m sorry but is it true that toilet cleaners like this can eradicate H1N1 virus? I also find it funny to be using a duck as a brand because ducks aren’t really, errm, clean. They (at least the common ducks I see in my part of the world) eat dirt and all.

The sign certainly is hard to miss. I took this sign about 20meters away while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. But besides this, the sign also reminds me of the current “new mystery illness” that made it to the international news programmes of CNN and other global news organisations. According to “new” results conducted by health experts, there is no new illness and there is no epidemic in the country. Good news indeed. What affected kids under 7years old was a combination of Enterovirus 71 (the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease virus), dengue and another mild illness that got fatal due to inappropriate medication. See more about this here.

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  1. The sign is definitely eye-catching! My wild guess for using the duck in the ad is because of the shape of the toilet cleaner bottle looks like the body, neck and head of a duck in an abstract sort of way. 😉

    My sign is HERE.

  2. i saw it in the news, and a friend texted me saying she’s worried about our friend in Cambodia. sabi ko, pambata lang yong virus, pag makunat na, di na tatalaban! LOL

    but kidding aside, that’s a bold claim, indeed and kind of misleading. it’s like saying Baygon can eradicate dengue.

  3. I have used this toilet duck and not heard anything about it killing off the H1N1. I see it as a high potency cleaner and nothing more.
    Expect lawsuits to follow!

  4. that duck has the same expression as I do when I clean the bathroom

  5. We are completely surrounded by advertisements that tell us we have to eat, drink, do, etc … Very good picture.

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