APAD 329: Buckwheat fiasco

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We make our bread at home and, after several experimentation, I came to a conclusion that French brands of flour are the best for bread-making. One day in the grocery, my husband and I found this flour.  I normally use white flour. However, I have heard about buckwheat flour being healthier compared to the regular white flour  (100% gluten free, too).  The French use buckwheat to make savoury pancakes, pasta, gruel, cakes and the famous  “crêpe bretonne”.  Intrigued, I picked one pack to try.

Farine de Sarrasin, aka, buckwheat flour

It was a disaster! Lol. It didn’t turn out right – the batter looked normal but it was sticky and difficult to knead. I checked the internet and found out that cooking with 100% buckwheat will result to a tough and spongy texture. It has to be used together with white flour or wheat flour. I am so embarrassed at my ineptitude, lol. But I can always make it better next time, no?

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  1. Live and learn! What’s there to be embarrassed about? I’m sure Julia Child made many a mistakes along the way! 🙂

    • Thanks for the confidence, Pat 🙂 I make sure I learn from my mistakes, too.

  2. Did you even try baking it?

    • Yes, I did, and it’s hard as a rock! It didn’t rise anymore and it tastes off like a stale bread.

  3. One must experiment every now and then.
    I am impressed that you make your own bread.

    • Thank you, Lesley. I make bread once or twice a week.

  4. Hi
    can you indicate where you found your buckwheat blood in cambodia?
    thanks for your info

  5. mistake: i went to say flour of course and not blood……Haloween influence of course….

    • Of course, you’re referring to the buckwheat flour. I purchased mine at Thai Huot grocery in Phnom Penh. They have branches along Monivong Boulevard and Tuol Kork (near the rotonda).

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