My favourite part of the house — our veranda garden. And that’s my favourite spot, right there. That’s where I sit down and have my morning coffee while my husband sits opposite of me and my dogs playing nearby.

apad 172 my favourite part of the house

This is just a section of our (back) veranda. The vines serve as our “screen”.

If I remember it correctly, this photo was taken just after 4pm. The sun is still bright but not hot and blinding anymore. Professional photographers say that the best time to take photos are early in the morning before 10am and just after 4pm in the afternoon. This is called the golden hour. The light is warm and along with the shadows it creates make for an interesting picture.

I also love taking sunrise (and sunset) photos but it’s the getting up I don’t like so much, tee-hee-hee.

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  1. Picturing and loving that morning scene. And the vine serving as screen is so charming.

  2. Looks very lovely!!


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