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Two Saturdays ago, my husband and I set out on a market tour… and we had Olympic Market in our sights. To those who don’t know, shopping here in Cambodia is quite an adventure, a treat for the senses, and Olympic Market didn’t disappoint us.

The Olympic Market is a three-storey building located near the Olympic Stadium, hence the name… It houses hundreds of small shops and stalls that form a dizzying maze. However, it is one of the best places to find nice fabrics, including Cambodian silk, wholesale goods, traditional Khmer dresses as well as imported ones from China, Hongkong, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Once inside this maze-like market, we didn’t know where we were going or where we’d end up but that was part of the adventure! As we walked around, climbing the stairs up and back down again, there were so much for our eyes to take in. If only taking photos wasn’t attracting too much unwanted attention, I would have taken tons!

Here are but two photos.
This is just one of the shops inside Olympic market that sells RTWs (ready-to-wear). These are Cambodian party dresses. They are pretty and colourful and a bit over-the-top with the beadworks and glitters. I wanted to pick one to wear for the looming board meeting just to see the reaction of the board members to the new girl in the office! Lol. Of course I am kidding!

apad 177 cambodian traditional party dresses

I also found some mannequins “werking” there.

apad 177 mannequins

There’s something about them. The longer I stare at them, the more they creeped me out.

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  2. It looks so stylish and nice

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