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APAD 006: Don’t drive behind this truck!

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Early morning today, we were driving towards the riverside when we chanced upon this monster shipping crate in front of us right at the rotonda near the French Embassy. I think it’s one of those cargo crates that carry goods to and from the factories.

If you look closer, you’d see how this crate is “fastened” to the truck. S-C-A-R-Y!

I hate to imagine it but what if this puny string that holds the giant crate snaps and there are many motorists behind and beside it? It spells disaster. I would not say it is common but it’s not rare to see things like this in the city. They pose a great threat, very unsafe; a disaster-waiting-to-happen. I just hope you all are alert when driving, especially when behind this trucks with crates. I’m saying this because most drivers in Phnom Penh I see are doing something else while driving – like talking on the phone, texting, eating, or fussing about.

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