APAD 006: Don’t drive behind this truck!

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Early morning today, we were driving towards the riverside when we chanced upon this monster shipping crate in front of us right at the rotonda near the French Embassy. I think it’s one of those cargo crates that carry goods to and from the factories.

If you look closer, you’d see how this crate is “fastened” to the truck. S-C-A-R-Y!

I hate to imagine it but what if this puny string that holds the giant crate snaps and there are many motorists behind and beside it? It spells disaster. I would not say it is common but it’s not rare to see things like this in the city. They pose a great threat, very unsafe; a disaster-waiting-to-happen. I just hope you all are alert when driving, especially when behind this trucks with crates. I’m saying this because most drivers in Phnom Penh I see are doing something else while driving – like talking on the phone, texting, eating, or fussing about.

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  1. Interesting photo, but I think it is quite safe. Drivers do all sorts of things while driving, even in India.

  2. Asian countries have such sights. 🙂

  3. It doesn't look like it's going to reach the destination. But Asian transport can be so surprising. They are sturdier than you'd think.

  4. Ako talaga takot ako mag tail gate sa mg amalalaking truck na ganyan, I have a very wild imagination kasi, kung ano ano ang naiisip ko pag may nakikita akong gnayang mga truck, lol!Dilignet ba, hindi naman, maganda kasing pang filler yung project 365 lalo na kay sheriff, pag walang meme na pwede, at least yung 365 hindi halata na pang paid post,kasi consistent naman, lol!

  5. Great shot – but a little scary, as you say…

  6. Scary indeed. I'd probably play safe and stay away from it as well.

  7. hey, i didn't know you have another blog site.:p it's great to be here. i'm sure we have this here, too. lumalayo talaga ako sa mga container vans when i'm driving. their size is intimidating.:p

  8. You're right. That cargo doesn't look very securely fastened. I hope they get to their destination without causing any mishaps.

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