APAD 008: A shop called 88

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This is actually a secondhand shop located in the outskirts of Phnom Penh. All the items are from Japan, furnitures, bags, crockery, all sorts (except clothings). I have been here only once and scored a nice Villeroy & Boch Vilbofour Amanpola quiche dish/pie plate. I love scouring secondhand and thrift-shops. To me they are a treasure trove. You’ll never know what you’re going to get. All you need is patience and a set of sharp eyes to see something worth purchasing. Some people frown on people who frequent secondhand stores, thrift shops, yard and garage sales. But for me, I think and feel that sometimes there is really no reason for buying  new stuffs. Well, it’s just me. 
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  1. Personally, I agree – second hand shops are fascinating places, you never know what you will find!So glad to have on board. Am off to check out the rest of your posts about life inside Cambodia.

  2. I'm a veteran thrift shop buyer! Have found some of my favorite things in them. Great sigh for the meme.

  3. I also love second hunt treasure hunting even with cloths. Great sign you have there.Sign of time

  4. I really like this shot. It is so neat the way the owners have all the different styles of furniture on the sign. This is definitely a one of a kind sign.

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