APAD 098: Wat Vipassanak Thurak, Kep

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Just south of Kep town is Wat Vipassana Thurak, or Wat Vipassana Meditation Centre. It sits on a hill at the bosom of Kep National Park overlooking Kep and its nearby islands, and the Gulf of Thailand. On a very clear day, the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc can be seen from the horizon. The temple is new and has several giant images of the Buddha. It is well worth a visit!
To go there, follow this link.
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  1. What a beautiful temple sitting atop a hill. Perfect sky watch.

  2. I like it how it rises over the greenery.

  3. I really enjoy seeing snaps from Cambodia. It's a destination that is on my list.

  4. it's beautiful…and the location is just perfect.

  5. I visited this temple today. We were driving along the NH33 (the road that runs along the beach) and spotted it protruding through the greenery from far away. We made the effort to drive up the dirt roads to reach it and were not disappointed. There is some very intricate sculptures of Nagas and Garudas and the steps to the entrance are adorned with a variety of impressive gold painted animals.

    The view of the subset from the temple was picturesque in every sense of the word and there was not another person in sight. Well worth exploring after spotting it from a distance!

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