APAD 104: Confusion inside the loo

Posted by on Jun 23, 2011 in A Photo a Day, Addicted to Meme, All things Khmer, Cambodia, Cambodia life, funny, sights, Signs | 5 comments

APAD 104 Confused much

A few years ago, I came back from an overseas trip and, while waiting for my baggage to come out of the carousel, I decided to make a dash to the loo. I was chuckling when I saw this sign inside one of the cubicles…

Change? What change?!?! lol.
This is not a mistranslation but merely a misplaced sign that I found to be funny while sitting on the “throne”.


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  1. One wonders what kind of change one would want.Lucy

  2. lost in translation!:p

  3. Funny sign, for sure…

  4. yeah, I always empty my pockets before using the loo…

  5. baka may bayad ang pag ihi 🙂

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