My husband and I went out for a drive outside Phnom Penh this morning. It was such a lovely day for a day trip. Even our pet dogs, Max and Joe, loved it.

A small piece of heaven is found here… in Cambodia.

This is the Cambodia that I really love. The charming rural landscape is dominated by flat land, verdant paddy ricefields, and the pompom-like palm trees, which is the national tree of Cambodia.

This sight is refreshing to the tired, weary eyes of city-dwellers like us.

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  1. I miss rice fields view, thanks for sharing.!

    Come and see my Sky Shots when you get a chance. Your comment will sure add a delight.
    Have a great weekend.

    • This is probably why I feel at home here in Cambodia, Chubskulit. The landscape is very similar to my hometown! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I would give anything to see a rice field. Is the correct thing to say “paddy rice field” or “rice paddy?” Or do they mean the same thing. Whichever, they are so pretty with the trees and the water. Lovely photography. genie

    • Hi Genie. Thank you for your visit.
      Paddy rice or rice paddy, they are the same! Once the planting season starts, you can see the change in the landscape. Different shades of green and they sway in the direction of the wind. Come harvest season, the ricepaddies turn to golden yellow to brown, and then they’re ready for harvesting. The cycle goes on and on every year. It’s a marvelous sight.

  3. Yes it’s a lovely day. I like how the blueness of the sky seemed to have been magnified in the reflection.

    • Thanks, Photo Cache. It was a lovely day, indeed.

  4. Beautiful shot. Happy sky watching.


    • THanks, Liz. You, too.

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