I took this photo Friday last week. It was a lovely day for a roadtrip.

Cloudy and dusty.

But this morning, around the same time, we have a heavy downpour. Quite the opposite of last week’s weather. Moonsoon season is finally here:

Public swimming pool. Who wants to swim, eh?

Flash flood in my street. It is getting worse every year. I don’t fancy going out to do some errands.

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  1. Makes you wish you could travel through the clouds instead of on that road, doesn’t it? (Reminds me of parts of the US desert states.)

  2. Wonderful blue yellow and white contrast- a fine sky!


  3. Lovely clouds here,there seem to be quite a big gap in development between urban and rural.

  4. The sky in the first shot is gorgeous, what a pretty blue and the clouds are lovely. Looks like there has been a little too much rain there? Great shots, thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely sky color and the dust stirring gives the shot such character.

  6. Monsoon season? I can’t believe people try to drive through that. I can’t be good for the car.

  7. first photo – gorgeous.

    second photo – too depressing to see! Happens all the time during monsoon season in most east asian countries, it seems.

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