This week’s entry is a little bit somber as I post one of the signs I saw during a visit to the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek.

A thought-provoking sign that sends shivers to my spine. This photo is originally uploaded to my other blog, Sreisaat Adventures.

For more photos and information about this sign, kindly head over to my post at Sreisaat Adventures.

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  1. Very sobering!

  2. A very horrific time it was. Thank you for including the link to your other blog, continuing with the information.

    My SIGN.

  3. Holy crap! For real? That gives me the creeps!

  4. very sobering indeed.
    but a necessary reminder for the next generation.

  5. so much pain in that place.

  6. A frightening sign! One I’m glad are few in number! Most unusual!

  7. I could almost imagine, esp that I’ve read a lot of books about accounts of these execution. 🙁

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