APAD 366 (001): Where in the world is Chuck Norris?

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Is anyone familiar with this funny search trick for Chuck Norris on Google? This is a trick I’ve known for a while and it has been in circulation for a long time already. No one? Okay, well, allow me… Follow this instructions.

In your computer, open your favorite web browser and then go to Google Search homepage. In the Google search bar, type “find Chuck Norris” into then press “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Now, let’s see what search result do you get?

Did you get this?

Cool trick, eh?

Now, if you’re still looking for Chuck Norris there’s no need to go through lengths of searching on the Internet.

Chuck Norris Dimsum House — he is, after all, right here in Phnom Penh!

Wow, Chuck Norris in Phnom Penh? Chopping meats and veggies and what-have-yous for dimsum dishes instead of karate chops and roundhouse kicks.

I’ve never been there yet so I cannot confirm his presence nor the food offerings at Chuck Norris Dimsum House, lol. What I did see while passing by was a black and white wall painting  of good, ole Chuck in full battle gear inside the dimsum house. Now I don’t want that machine gun pointed at me if I eat there, do you? Unsettling, lol.

I’m so tempted to share with you a Chuck Norris joke (there are lots on the Internet!) I heard from an American colleague so here it is:

There used to be a street named after Chuck Norris, but it was changed because nobody crosses Chuck Norris and lives.

Lol. I hope you’ll have a nice weekend.

By the way, I just finished my project 365! Woohoo! It took a whole lot longer because I didn’t post on Saturdays and Sundays (my rest days) and there are weeks where I don’t post every day. Nevertheless I am very happy to have finished one cycle. Today is the beginning of the next. Instead of APAD 366, this will be APAD 001 Cycle 2 🙂

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  1. this one had completely passed me by.

  2. This place looks so neat and what with Chuck Norris in there :), now those vespas are so cool too and I wish I had one for easy cruising around town.

  3. Now that is a clever marketing tool!!! I know there is a Chuck Norris joke in there somewhere 😉

  4. I would never have associated Chuck Norris with Dim Sum!

  5. That’s funny! Let us know if he’s in there cooking when you go (;>)

  6. I wouldn´t mind to eat at that place. Maybe Chuck Norris is the owner or one of the waiters…LOL!!


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