My officemates and I ran errands across town last Friday. We had an uneventful tuk-tuk ride but we gotta do what we gotta do, eh!  On the way back, we passed by Olympic Market and there – rows of nom pang pate stalls welcomed us. Of course, I had to stop and buy one. Nom pang pate is one of my favourite street food in Phnom Penh.

Nom pang pate Cambodia street food local sandwich

Nom pang pate. Local baguette with pate, cucumbers, green tomatoes, slathered with yolk-ish concoction composed of honey and other secret ingredients. Yummy.

For only a dollar, you’ll get fat slabs of pate on a bed of fresh veggies (mentioned above) on a crunchy baguette with shredded papaya on the side (much like our achara). It’s a remarkably crunchy and messy affair but I tell you, it’s finger-lickin’ good, mate!

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